We are a non-profit organization of Christian home school families, serving the Shreveport/BossierCity Louisiana area, who are bound together by a common belief that the responsibility for the education of children belongs to the parents.

CFE provides support to Christian parents who educate their children at home. CFE members organize field trips, various programs such as educational coops, special speakers, workshop meetings, support for political and legal concerns and publish a monthly newsletter.

Christian Family Educators sponsors activities that involve the entire family. Families are invited to participate in CFE’s Christmas Caroling, Valentine Skating Fellowship, Park Day, Family Camping Trip, and Thanksgiving Fellowship.

CFE has monthly Mom’s Night Out and Dad’s Night Out fellowships. These fellowships offer encouragement to the home school mothers and fathers, and allow the parents within CFE to build encouraging relationships.

Members of CFE are invited to participate in the CFE e-group. As our web site is developed, we will have a “members only" area.